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public sector procurement training
public sector procurement training
procurement and contracting training
procurement and contracting training
public sector capability training

Public Sector Procurement And Contracting Training

ProcureAble is a specialist provider of procurement and contract management training in the public sector. Through our alliances with professional procurement bodies, universities and management associations, we combine academic rigour with engaging workshop facilitation. Our internationally recognised workshops are the benchmark in procurement and contract management education and training.


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Public sector procurement courses that gives you the edge

Our procurement and contract management courses are available for individual and group bookings. Discounts are available for group bookings.

State-of-the-art workshop materials with face-to-face tuition

Our procurement and contract management courses range from one to nine days depending on the subject.

Highly qualified facilitators specialising in procurement training

Their wealth of hands on experience ensures you receive up to date information supported by practical examples in public procurement.

  • "I have been able to apply learnt concepts directly to recent procurement and achieve return on investment on the training."

  • "The facilitator’s knowledge and ability to engage made this course very relevant and meaningful to my work."

  • "Great course and presenter. For those who are new to procurement or need a refresher. Current examples are used. Up-to-date policies, frameworks, schedules, etc."

  • "To get subject matter expertise and great course facilitation is hard. ProcureAble achieve that."

  • "Excellent course. I have learnt very practical new skills in procurement."

Procurement facilitators with a track record of success

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